(Video courtesy of College of Podiatrists)

Biomechanics is a broad term used for the study of mechanical forces on the body as a whole. Musculoskeletal (MSK) Podiatry involves a lower limb examination and gait analysis to evaluate why injury or a pathology is occurring.

A full medical history is taken, followed by a resting examination. Weight bearing examination and gait analysis is then performed. A treatment plan is formulated which could entail a muscle stretching and strengthening program, strapping therapy to support foot injury, or orthotic prescription.

Examples of typical pains treated include:

– painless forefoot deformity, to prevent further deterioration

– Arthritic pain management

– Runners/sports injuries e.g. shin splints

– Rear foot pain or more commonly heel pain e.g. plantar fasciopathy

– Fore foot pain