A verruca is a commonly found viral infection, caused by Human papilloma virus. It usually presents itself as a wart with overlying callus, which can sometimes be painful depending on placement of the foot (usually the sole), and can also be contagious.

Verruca can be treated with routine appointments, often younger individuals respond to treatment quicker than adults, however as long as the immune system is working well then there should not be any reason why the verruca should remain following a course of treatment.

The initial appointment will be to assess whether the lesion is a verruca and to give advice on self-care. The verruca is reduced with a scalpel and a caustic chemical is applied to treat the verruca tissue.

Should follow up treatments be required, these are completed at a reduced rate, a block of 3 appointments in succession with a week or two break in between. A maximum of 4 block appointments are advised depending on how well established the verruca is, usually the verruca will have been successfully treated well before the end of the final appointment.

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